Wheel Of Illusion

The Quill and Metalville Records announces March 29th, 2024 as the international release date for The Quill's Wheel Of Illusion,


"Wheel of Illusion" promises to be a sonic journey, showcasing the band's evolution while staying true to their hard rock roots. From the thunderous drum beats to the searing guitar solos, each track is a testament to The Quill's enduring commitment to delivering a raw and authentic sound.


Live, New, Borrowed, Blue

Metalville Records announces January 28th, 2022 as the international release date for The Quill's Live, New, Borrowed, Blue, a personal selection of unreleased song treasures from their long career.


It's time for an EARTHRISE!

THE QUILL to release their ninth album "EARTHRISE" on Metalville Records March 26th.  Formats include cd/clear vinyl/digital with special bundels to be announced soon. Once again recorded in 491-Studios in Oskarshamn the band cut close to 20 songs with 9 making the finished product.

Full tracklisting:

1. Hallucinate

2. Keep On Moving

3. Dwarf Planet

4. Left Brain Blues

5. Earthrise

6, Evil Omen

7. 21st Century Sky

8. The Zone

9. Dead River

Four singles and videos for "Keep on moving", "Hallucinate", "Dwarf Planet" & "Left Brain Blues" are now available (see below) and also on all major streaming platforms!