The Band

THE QUILL – Live, New, Borrowed, Blue


Digging through old boxes you find stuff you’ve totally forgotten about – and every once in a while you find old nuggets well worth rediscovering again. Being an active band for a long time you end up with bits and pieces of music that doesn’t fit within the album format we usually work with. For obvious reasons we ended up with a lot of free time during this last year and there was suddenly a window to review what leftover-tracks we had in storage. We decided to put together the best stuff we could find and make a special release which will make for some interesting listening while waiting for the next studio-album.

We recorded tons of stuff during the Earthrise-sessions – some still left to be finished but we thought it would be cool to share some of the tracks here. This version of ”Keep on moving” is almost 1:30 longer than the album-version and contains a lengthy mid-section which we all were really fond of but in the end decided had to go. The other two tracks, ”Children of the sun” and ”Burning Tree” were left off the album mainly due to time constraints.

Next on there’s a bunch of cover tunes – they all hail from the same time-period – the late 90’s – when tribute-albums were a big thing for a short while. All those albums are now long out of print so we thought it would be a nice idea to include them here to have them all at the same place. What’s also interesting is that they match up great with the material written and recorded much more recently.

Last off is a couple of live-tracks from our show at Sweden Rock Festival 2019 – the recording turned out really well except for the fact that there was a lot of musical interference from other stages which made it difficult to release the whole show – but two of the tracks turned out fine and are included here as a reminder of a fantastic show.


Hope you’ll enjoy discovering these nuggets as much as we did!

Magnus, Christian, Roger & Jolle