The Band

The Quill, the iconic Swedish hard rock band, unveils their musical prowess in their highly anticipated 11th album, "Wheel of Illusion." With a storied history dating back to the early '90s, The Quill has consistently pushed boundaries, blending powerful riffs and soulful melodies.

Roger - Making new music is always hard work - but by now we all know what we need to make a great album. The writing-process is really where we gel as a band. We’ve always loved banging out ideas together in rehearsals - it’s always been a team effort with everyone pitching in trying to make every song the best possible.

"Wheel of Illusion" promises to be a sonic journey, showcasing the band's evolution while staying true to their hard rock roots. From the thunderous drum beats to the searing guitar solos, each track is a testament to The Quill's enduring commitment to delivering a raw and authentic sound.

Christian - Even though we have a well defined sound by now, firmly rooted in the classic rock of the 70’s, we always try to find new ways of adding sounds and influences to our music. This time we found hints of early British NWOBHM creeping in, we also used some old vintage keyboards which added a bit of a different flavour to keep things fresh.

The album explores themes of introspection, resilience, and the enigmatic nature of reality. With lyrics that resonate and music that captivates, "Wheel of Illusion" is poised to become a defining chapter in The Quill's musical legacy.

Jolle - We were extremely well rehearsed before entering the studio - which is not always the case. For Earthrise we started with sketches in the studio, this time it was the opposite - we worked really hard arranging the songs in rehearsals so once we entered the studio the process was quick and to the point.

As the band continues to carve their niche in the international rock scene, this album reaffirms their status as pioneers of the Swedish hard rock movement. "Wheel of Illusion" is not just an album; it's a testament to The Quill's unwavering passion for creating music that transcends time and resonates with fans worldwide.

Magnus - “Wheel of Illusion” is by far the most consistent and well conceived album we’ve ever made.  Every note on the album is there for a reason and there’s no excess luggage at all. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved - it’s classic The Quill even though you’ll find surprises along the way!